Integrated Design for New Buildings

Preparing complete engineering planning and design for new modern buildings require that such work be developed based on solid and comprehensive scientific and practical experiences and that all design activities be realised in an integrated efficient way taking finest details into consideration. In Addition, detailed quality oriented design and design goals must be realized within a defined time frame.

Almersah Co. realizes the vital importance of the efficient management and coordination of engineering design projects and therefore Almersah employs highly educated and experienced coordination and design projects managers. The main objective of Almersah Co in this regard is to develop quality comprehensive detailed design for new buildings within the defined quality, time and budget frameworks, thereby contributing in ensuring the efficiency and the technical and economical success of the targeted projects.

In order to provide efficient and distinguished total design work , Almersah stands in close cooperation with local and international engineering offices especially in the following fields:

Design of hospitals and health care facilities, in this regard Almersah offers ,in addition to health care facility  design, comprehensive medial requirement planning services including the design putting forward the detailed specifications for the main medical systems in the health care facility and  also the design and putting forward the technical specifications for medical laboratories.

Design of entertainment and sports centres and facilities.