Basic planning and feasibility studies

Basic planning for engineering projects is the first step towards the realisation of such projects. Well thought integrated basic planning for building projects with respect to technical, economical and realisation time aspects is crucial for the success of the targeted project and for achieving the anticipated project goals. Due to the importance of this basic engineering field , Almersah Co has directed its team of engineers and consultants for all related engineering disciplines towards developing solid experience in this field taking into consideration the specific requirement in the Arabic construction market.

The objectives of Almersah Co in this regard are as follows:

 Providing basic planning service for engineering project in an efficient manner within limited time period.

To take all local conditions and local capabilities into consideration during the project planning and the preparing of related economical and feasibility studies

To ensure that the basic planning is clear and comprehensive and that this planning will be solid and clear base for building up detailed design later one in an efficient and economical manner

Providing related reports and studies in a plain technical language, enhanced with scientific and statistical facts, with the aim of creating project common understanding between all involved parties.